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1238920Uchd A' ChlàrsairPerth and KinrossHill Or Mountain
2238921Uchd MòrHighlandHill Or Mountain
3238922Uchd Na Fèithe-seileachHighlandIndefinite Feature
4238923Uchd Na H-anailePerth and KinrossIndefinite Feature
5238924Uchd Nan CarnPerth and KinrossHill Or Mountain
6238925UcheldreGwyneddIndefinite Feature
7238926UcheldrePowysIndefinite Feature
8238927UcheldrefIsle of AngleseyIndefinite Feature
9238928UcheldrefDenbighshireIndefinite Feature
10238929Ucheldref GoedIsle of AngleseyIndefinite Feature
11238930Ucheldref UchafIsle of AngleseyIndefinite Feature
12238931UchtubegHighlandIndefinite Feature
13238932UchtugormHighlandIndefinite Feature
14238933UckerbyNorth YorkshireIndefinite Feature
15238934Uckerby Fox CovertNorth YorkshireForest Or Wood
16238935Uckerby MillNorth YorkshireIndefinite Feature
17238936UckfieldEast SussexTown / Settlement
18238937UckinghallWorcestershireIndefinite Feature
19238938UckingtonShropshireIndefinite Feature
20238939UckingtonGloucestershireIndefinite Feature

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