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1181784OyceOrkney IslandsIndefinite Feature
2181785OyceOrkney IslandsIndefinite Feature
3181786Oyce Of HerstonOrkney IslandsWater Feature
4181787Oyce Of HuipOrkney IslandsWater Feature
5181788Oyce Of IsbisterOrkney IslandsWater Feature
6181789Oyce Of QuindryOrkney IslandsWater Feature
7181790Oykel BridgeHighlandIndefinite Feature
8181791OyneAberdeenshireIndefinite Feature
9181792Oyster CloughDerbyshireIndefinite Feature
10181793Oyster HillHerefordshireIndefinite Feature
11181794Oyster SkerriesOrkney IslandsIndefinite Feature
12181795OystermouthSwanseaIndefinite Feature

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