Map of John of Gaunts Ho, Norfolk:

This page presents the Google satellite map (zoomable and browsable) of John of Gaunts Ho in Norfolk County in United Kingdom.
Geographical coordinates are 52.868851911367 and 1.3786924875545. More information below.

Name: John of Gaunts Ho

County Code: NK

County Name: Norf

Full County Name: Norfolk

Country: United Kingdom

Feature Term: Antiquity (non-Roman)

Latitude in decimal degrees: 52.868851911367

Longitude in decimal degrees: 1.3786924875545

Sequence number: 127496

Kilometre reference (NG reference): TG2735

Tile reference: TG22

Northings: 335500

Eastings: 627500

Greenwich Meridian: E

Edit date: 12-APR-2002

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