Map of Irby in the Marsh, Lincolnshire:

This page presents the Google satellite map (zoomable and browsable) of Irby in the Marsh in Lincolnshire County in United Kingdom.
Geographical coordinates are 53.148223489654 and 0.2040643475059. More information below.

Name: Irby in the Marsh

County Code: LL

County Name: Lincs

Full County Name: Lincolnshire

Country: United Kingdom

Feature Term: Indefinite Feature

Latitude in decimal degrees: 53.148223489654

Longitude in decimal degrees: 0.2040643475059

Sequence number: 126561

Kilometre reference (NG reference): TF4763

Tile reference: TF46

Northings: 363500

Eastings: 547500

Greenwich Meridian: E

Edit date: 01-MAR-1993

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