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1238874Uabhal BeagNa h-Eileanan an IarIndefinite Feature
2238875Uabhal MrNa h-Eileanan an IarHill Or Mountain
3238876UachanHighlandIndefinite Feature
4238877UachdarNa h-Eileanan an IarIndefinite Feature
5238878UagsHighlandIndefinite Feature
6238879Uaigh DhiarmaidHighlandIndefinite Feature
7238880Uaimh Nan TillearanArgyll and ButeIndefinite Feature
8238881Uair, TheHighlandWater Feature
9238882UamascleitNa h-Eileanan an IarHill Or Mountain
10238883UamhNa h-Eileanan an IarIndefinite Feature
11238884Uamh A' ChoilichHighlandIndefinite Feature
12238885Uamh A' PhrionnsaNa h-Eileanan an IarIndefinite Feature
13238886Uamh An DnainArgyll and ButeIndefinite Feature
14238887Uamh An Ropa (cave)Argyll and ButeIndefinite Feature
15238888Uamh An TartairHighlandIndefinite Feature
16238889Uamh BheagStirlingHill Or Mountain
17238890Uamh BhogadailNa h-Eileanan an IarIndefinite Feature
18238891Uamh BhreacainArgyll and ButeIndefinite Feature
19238892Uamh CapuillArgyll and ButeIndefinite Feature
20238893Uamh ChaolHighlandIndefinite Feature
21238894Uamh FhliuchArgyll and ButeIndefinite Feature
22238895Uamh FhraingHighlandIndefinite Feature
23238896Uamh LiathArgyll and ButeIndefinite Feature
24238897Uamh MhrHighlandIndefinite Feature
25238898Uamh MhrStirlingIndefinite Feature
26238899Uamh Na NighinnArgyll and ButeIndefinite Feature
27238900Uamh Nan CalmanArgyll and ButeIndefinite Feature
28238901Uamh Nan CalmanArgyll and ButeIndefinite Feature
29238902Uamh Nan DaoineHighlandIndefinite Feature
30238903Uamh OirHighlandIndefinite Feature
31238904Uamh RnHighlandIndefinite Feature
32238905Uamh RuaidhridhHighlandIndefinite Feature
33238906Uamh Showhairle (cave)HighlandIndefinite Feature
34238907Uamh TharsgabhaigHighlandIndefinite Feature
35238908Uamh Tom A' Mhr-fhirPerth and KinrossIndefinite Feature
36238909Uamha Na CreadhaHighlandForest Or Wood
37238910Uamha ThuillArgyll and ButeIndefinite Feature
38238911Uamhannan DonnaArgyll and ButeIndefinite Feature
39238912Uath LochanHighlandWater Feature

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