Map of Carn y Defaid, Torfaen:

This page presents the Google satellite map (zoomable and browsable) of Carn y Defaid in Torfaen County in United Kingdom.
Geographical coordinates are 51.779449529455 and -3.0523016876548. More information below.

Name: Carn y Defaid

County Code: TF

County Name: Torf

Full County Name: Torfaen

Country: United Kingdom

Feature Term: Antiquity (non-Roman)

Latitude in decimal degrees: 51.779449529455

Longitude in decimal degrees: -3.0523016876548

Sequence number: 44439

Kilometre reference (NG reference): SO2709

Tile reference: SO20

Northings: 209500

Eastings: 327500

Greenwich Meridian: W

Edit date: 01-MAR-1993

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